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Home building with Steel Frames… Why?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Choosing a house plan to build or even choosing a builder to build your dream home can be one of the biggest decisions you can make.

As you start the process of building your home you’ll find the choices are endless. At Saxony Building we exist to help make those decisions and choices easier. We take you through the whole process without you being left to ‘wade through the muddy waters’ alone.

To help in the decision making we specialise in what we believe to be the most important component of your home….The Frame.

Before any other decisions are made we place high importance on the structure of the home and is why we as a local builder in the Barossa Valley use TRUECORE steel. Our director Luke, in his own right has been in every aspect of building a steel frame home. From the early days as an apprentice fabricating the wall and roof frames in the factory to detailing the building in the office. He spent many years erecting TRUECORE steel frames for other builders to now offering this far superior building system and material to his clients. We feel as a builder our job is not only to build someones home but to also educate the homeowner on what it takes to build a house. We’ll set out 4 key areas for why steel is the future of the building industry and why it’s trusted by thousands of homeowners across the globe.

1. The Key To A Beautiful Home Is The Way It Starts. All tradesman will tell you if the previous trade has done their job well and built their component of the house correctly then the following trades job is so much easier. You end up with a house to the highest quality. The benefits of TRUECORE steel in this area is that the walls always end up straight and the roof lines are a beautifully finished plane. There is no need to plane down studs to straighten the wall before the plasterboard goes on. The frame is fabricated under controlled conditions in a factory with tolerances to the nearest millimetre. This ensures the frame fits the slab perfectly and build times are reduced as shown in this short video. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) A home that uses TRUECORE steel comes fully fabricated which mean less waste on site. This can only mean a good thing for our environment.

2. Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family. We all know the destructive nature of termites in timber frame homes. That is why you can sleep easy at night knowing TRUECORE steel is 100% termite and borer proof. It’s not treated with pesticides to keep termites at bay so it’s a great choice for owners seeking to minimise the use of pesticides. TRUECORE steel won’t ignite and contribute to the spread of a potential house fire.

3. Built For The Future. A house frame made of TRUECORE steel is an ideal choice for the modern Australian home. Homes are being designed with bigger open areas which are why with the impressive strength to weight ratio allows for wider spans. It’s perfect for the contemporary open plan design and suits comfortable family living.

4. Deciding For The Long Term. House frames that use TRUECORE steel as its name suggests are built straight and true. They’re designed to stay that way. It won’t shrink, twist and warp which means there is less chance of windows sticking, doors that jamb and rooflines that are wavy. TRUECORE steel is backed by an incredible 50-year warranty. The same steel company that manufactures another one of our favourite products, COLORBOND steel, TRUECORE steel is made by Bluescope steel. You can rest assured that all TRUECORE steel is made and manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and is checked for quality and consistency. The home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. There is only one chance to get it right and that is why more and more Australian homeowners are choosing the standout blue house frames. To find out more get in contact with us and we’ll talk through why we use TRUECORE steel and why it’s fast becoming the best building material on the planet.

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