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Should a verandah be attached or free-standing?

When it comes to standing up a verandah, patio or carport there are two ways you can do this. It can be either attached to an existing house or it can be free-standing.

We supply and install verandahs, patios, carports and sheds in the Barossa Valley, Gawler and Light regions.

Attaching a verandah to an existing house can involve a lot of work that the customer will never see because all the work is done in the existing house roof. Designing the verandah in this way ends up having a more appealing look to the eye because there are no posts near the existing house holding up the perimeter beams.

There are verandah attachment brackets which are fed through the existing house fascia and attached to the roof trusses of the house.

Side note: Attaching a verandah to a steel frame home requires extra support to the truss top chords to allow the load of the verandah to be taken by the house trusses.

Each verandah supplier has a different bracket to allow the attachment of a verandah to an existing house. It’s good to remember that each of these different brackets has each been specifically engineered for the material and design.

When we measure and quote a verandah we go through the different attachment methods and which will suit your home and verandah the best.

Enquire now or call us for a free measure and quote.

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