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The Step by Step Process to Building Your Own Verandah 

There is nothing more Australian than warm sunny days entertaining friends and family with a beer or wine and the BBQ sizzling away in the background. A custom built verandah or pergola bring the outdoors to life, so your outdoor living space takes pride of place. 

At Saxony Building, we create homes and lifestyles that bring people together so life can be truly lived and special memories made.

To make it clear and simple, here is the eight steps process to having your very own verandah:

Step 1 – Request a free quote

Contact Saxony Building for a no-obligation consultation, where you’ll receive the quality service we’ve become known for. Here we’ll arrange a time for us to meet at your place and personally discuss the project and outcome you’ve got in mind.

Step 2 – Share your ideas onsite with a tradie, not a sales rep!

At your on-site visit, our staff will listen as you share what you’ve got in mind. We’ll further discuss the options available so your outdoor dream comes to life.

We take the building mumbo-jumbo out of it and make sure the whole process is easy for you to understand. We consider the layout of the area, your hopes for the finished product, explain the designs you can choose from, and give you peace of mind every step of the way.

There are many verandah options available and we make sure you feel comfortable with your choice of design. Some of the decisions made will be based on your budget, existing structures, time-frames, and most importantly, the lifestyle solution you have in mind.

We’ll also talk you through the added extras that can be arranged. These include electrical work, paving, landscaping, concreting or decking to finish off the project.

Step 3 – Receive your quote

Once the on-site discussion is complete, we’ll then take this to our office to give you a fixed supply and install quote. We guarantee there will be no hidden costs and we’ll let you know upfront all that will be required for the full project to be complete. We can also provide options in regard to the price if that becomes a problem, as we know there is no one size, fits all.

Step 4 – Begin council approval process

If you are happy with the quote we provide, we then start the approval process for you. We lodge the council application on your behalf, along with any drawings, plans or engineering council may require. We handle every aspect of the application process, giving you peace of mind to sit back and enjoy the experience. The council process can be quite lengthy, but all boxes need to be ticked off to meet all the relevant building codes and council requirements. We’ll keep you informed as this process takes shape.

Step 5 – Final check, approval and pergola sent for manufacturing

Upon receiving approval from the council, we come back to the site and do a final check and measure of the structure. It’s here the project is double checked with you to ensure you are happy with the colour choices, design and inclusions. This is your final chance to get this right so the installation process can be as smooth as possible. Production of the structure will now take place using quality Australian steel, with the delivery of your new outdoor living space just around the corner.

Step 6 – Verandah delivered to your home and installation begins

When the verandah has been completed by the manufacturer, it is delivered to site. The project is then programmed into our installation schedule and you can start to picture yourself relaxing in your new outdoor living space.

Our verandah installers now begin the process of installation. This could last anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on the size and complexity of the structure. Our pergola installers are the best in the business and take incredible care to ensure the product is installed in pristine condition.

Saxony Building understands that you are building a pergola which you have invested a lot of time, energy and money in to. We don’t take this responsibility for granted. You can be sure your home will be left as you found it with all the building rubbish removed from the site, so you won’t be left with a mess to clean up afterwards.

Step 7 – Installation complete!

Once the installation is completed you’ll receive a personal explanation and walk-through on everything that has been done and included in your project. If there are any questions or queries we will discuss all of this with you.

Step 8 – Enjoy your new pergola

Crack a cold one and pop the champagne, it’s time to send out invitations to friends and family and to celebrate your new outdoor living space.

And that’s it!

This whole process can take some time, depending on what is required and the overall complexity. We estimate a 12-week process from quote acceptance to install if all things fall in to place perfectly. Sometimes it can be quicker but other times can be longer as there are lots of variables.

It’s important to remember that we follow a strict process so the job is done right and with minimal fuss and disruption to your home.

No hidden costs

There is nothing hidden when you deal with Saxony Building. We’re honest, trustworthy and take extra care throughout the whole process. Explore our growing list of happy customers, who can vouch for the wonderful outdoor living solutions we build.

We understand that your home and the outdoor space is a place of peace. We know you will be happy under your own verandah for many years to come.

Inquire now, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new pergola.

It’s time to put your feet up with a drink in hand and toast the beauty of an Australian summer with friends and family. This is what life is all about.

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