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Which veranda best suits you?

A pitched verandah, patio or carport will create a sense of space to your outdoor entertaining area.

The ceiling height of your existing house will go a long way in determining whether you choose a flat roof or a pitched roof verandah.

At Saxony Building, we specialise in supplying and installing verandas, patios, carports and sheds in the Barossa Valley, Gawler and Light regions.

If you have a ceiling height between 2700mm – 3300mm (9ft – 11ft) in your existing house a flat roof verandah can work quite well to create the feeling of space. A flat roof verandah is the cheapest verandah on the market but can do the job to give you the cover you need and to help cool your house down during the warmer months. There are also some nice looking sheets you can choose from to enhance the look.

The beauty though of a pitched verandah is that it will make the space open up and not feel like you’re closed in. If your ceiling height is between 2400mm – 2700mm (8ft – 9ft) then a pitched verandah is the way to go. Leaving the ends of the verandah open is another way to create the feeling of a spacious area. Although water proofing can then become a problem in which case you can fill in the ends with a ‘Stucco’ pattern fibre cement sheet.

All in all, it’ll come down to personal choice on choosing flat roof or pitched roof. These are just a few pointers in helping you decide the design that’s right for you.

If you need to discuss more about flat roofs or pitched roof verandahs it’d be best to give Luke a call or fill in the enquiry form here.

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