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Welcome to our online video log which include Luke Doecke giving some tips and tutorials about the building process enjoy!

The Importance Of A Fixed Price Quote

Why a fixed price quote is the only way to ensure you know the actual cost of your home to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Design Brief And The Plans

This is the time when the plans are chosen and the intricacies of the client’s choices are custom designed, built and prepared.

Planning Rules Drawings And Building Work Proposal

From initial council discussions through to a sketched plan, this part of the building process delivers an opening costing.

The Client Enquiry Process

Discover the process we use to help us fully understand the scope of the project and learn exactly what is important to the client.

House Built In 30 Seconds!

Look at a timelapse of the standing up of the wall frames of a local home with the owners part of the process every step of the way.

The 4 Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Block Of Land.

Looking to buy a block of land, watch this video to learn what to look out for to maximise your building experience.

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